Old friends

Yesterday I finally got to go and see my old friend Haruo san. ¬†when i say old he isnt but have knowin him for a few years now,¬† a good friend here in Japan. Haruo is a well in japanese it is Seitai which means “bodywork “, it is getting your body back to be […]

SEV-Sports Japan, got to meet them yesterday,very interesting

Yesterday while I went to see Iida san who does my insouls for my shoes¬†I got to meet his friend¬† Mr Domon, Domon san has a company called “SEV” Athlete device. I had no idea what it was ,it is to do with sorting out the balance in your body and is done with a […]

also checked out my body fat etc today

Im real excited to see what/how my body is going to change over this year on running so today¬†I went to a local gym here called” Tipness” . yesi did go for a little run while in there and did some stretchs. felt good after lots of walking around the last couple of days,¬† cant […]

tryed a new training way today

¬†Gyrotonic training, wow it is awesome,¬† it involves using a machine that is setup in a way that you can use it in stretching your body and losin up and moblize it more, so good, feels great and works heaps of muscles to do it right, good for ya breathing to,¬† please look into it¬† […]


Foot Trainers

 I went down and meet up with Mr Iida from Foot Trainers today. I meet Iida san at the mogul world cup here in Japan a few years ago, Iida san has hooked me up with some Insouls for my shoes. They are awesome, it took about 1 hour to sort them out. I got […]


Hi, and welcome to my blog… My name is Jup Brown, I’m a 38-year-old plumber from Wanaka, New Zeal and… and I’m preparing to run the length of New Zeal and this September. I’m just an average Kiwi bloke that likes to run for enjoyment¬† I am not an athlete. But I’ve set myself this […]


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