Nepal School Sports Ground Development Project, 2018

We have started the development of the Shree Hunga Basic school’s Sports ground.  Its in a village called Gudel in the mountains of Nepal. There are 5 buildings in the school, 307 kids attend. Being so remote the school even struggles to get funding to get and pay teachers making it even tougher for the kids to enjoy school with their friends and build for their futures.

I went to Nepal to visit the school in November 2017, I needed to see what was needed. After setting the goal to develop the sports ground ( Ground when I was there, no way to play sports on it) I set out to get support.

It really started in March 2018 when I did a talk at the St Brendans Catholic school in Lakes Entrance VIC Australia. The social justice group of 5 kids set out to make a fun run and raise money to help the kids in Nepal. They ran for 35 minutes doing laps each and got donations for each lap run. In that 35 minutes they raised a amazing $2215.65.   I was blown away and cried when they presented it to me in their essembly.

I then got in touch with my friends in Nepal and they got to work organzing everything. Finding workers, tools and figuring out how to go about this huge task.

There are no roads up at the village so EVERYTHING must be done by hand. The work started on Dec 3rd 2018 and we have had 8-15 workers digging dirt, removing huge rocks and breaking them down to make walls.  Each working 8 hrs a day 5 days a week.

Once the digging is done we will get lots of sports equipment , balls, hoops and goals for the kids to use and enjoy.

This has gone beyond just developing a sports ground, it has had kids creating project ideas to raise money then getting the whole school running, Sharing it/ including it with the whole community and  then connecting the children of Shree Hunga basic School with the rest of the world and our kids to Nepal.

This is the magic I was talking about.  Im in love with this feeling .

Thankyou everyone who is involved.

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