also checked out my body fat etc today

Im real excited to see what/how my body is going to change over this year on running so today I went to a local gym here called” Tipness” . yesi did go for a little run while in there and did some stretchs. felt good after lots of walking around the last couple of days,  cant wait to get into the mountains.
They have a machiine there that you st and on and it sends electronic wave over your body and then tells you whats the go, so here we go, not the best condition at the mo but lets see what happens,
Height 180cms,  38 yrs old,   Weight 88kgs,   Muscle mass 68kg,  Body fat mass 15kg,  Body fat percentage 17.1%,  BMI 27.2kg/m squared, 
Thats the basic stuff, Ill scan it later and you can see all the areas of what is what , it is very interesting,
Anyways that the starting me so we will see what will happen over the next few months and then the run up NZ.  I’ll add some photos tomorrow,
Thanks Tipness gym

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