SEV-Sports Japan, got to meet them yesterday,very interesting

Yesterday while I went to see Iida san who does my insouls for my shoes I got to meet his friend  Mr Domon, Domon san has a company called “SEV” Athlete device.
I had no idea what it was ,it is to do with sorting out the balance in your body and is done with a kind of stone or metal which is put into a wrist b and or ina necklace or a patch in your shoe and it somehow makes you feel better instantly, kind of feels liek your muscles are not straining at all and things run smoother, I will be meeting up with Domon san after i get back from Nepal and are looking forward to hearing more about what he does.
Also after I get back from Nepal I hope to be traveling with Domon san up to Iwate north of Tokyo to runa 100km marathon with him and his mates , which I cant wait to do,  I hope to be able to try his product when I do this run, if im lucky enough
This site is in japanese sorry but you might be able to underst and some thing in it, check it out

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