Projects & Adventures

To travel is to explore and met others, It’s what I live for.
While on the road or trail I talk to everyone I see and are always learning about the places I go. Through that I get to see and hear what is needed is different areas.

After doing a couple of Charity Adventures in New Zealand and Japan I fell in love with connecting people and together making dreams / ideas become projects and then come to life. Theres something really special about it that I have fallen in love with and just want to do everyday. I love to travel and it just feels normal to do these projects as I go.  Gives more meaning than just to see a place for a day or two, It also slows life down and I get to make amazing connections and together we make smiles and magic.

Here’s what has happened so far & at the moment.

Thanks so much for your support and love .



adventure speaker

Jup’s search and love for connecting with people living their passion, sharing adventures and lives of awesomeness.