My Story & Mission

My Mission

Hi Everyone

Since 2010 , I have been running/cycling to connect with people all over the world, to hear their stories and help them take action to realize their potential and that dreams are possible. I get excited, motivated and inspired by people and what they think is possible or impossible. I truly believe if you believe and put your passion into something it will happen. What I have managed to do is crazy and it makes me smile thinking did I really do it! WHY I did these things makes me understand how I was able to.

As part of my fundraiser for my run up the length of New Zeal and I ran another 100km while working on Barrow Isl and in Western Australia. This time it was on a treadmill,  I did it in 12 hours 12 minutes. I raised AUD$30,000 to fund two recumbent bikes for my friend Nick Chisholm who is in a wheelchair after a stroke, so he could join me on my adventure throughout New Zeal and.

Between 2011 and 2015, I ran the lengths of New Zeal and and Japan, across USA and then cycled back across Canada.  A truly amazing adventure and what I call my Circle of Awesomeness.

The number of Kms or Miles is crazy and it amazed me how my body did it. I’m no ripped athlete, just a regular smiling guy who says Hello to everyone. My first idea was to learn and see more about my own country, simple I thought until I remembered I didn’t have any money or a car… so i decided to RUN. Before I told anyone, I made a plan of how I thought I could do it, which gave me the confidence and craziness to attempt it.

If someone said “you cant ” or “It’s impossible” I would say yes I know it sounds crazy but “IMAGINE” if we did. Once they heard that, I had their attention and thats when I asked them to come with me. I now live and share this way of thinking. I love going to schools and chatting with kids, connecting with people/groups/companies through talks, presentations and I’m always searching for someone with an idea or dream who needs a h and. I want to show people how positive thinking , self belief can make dreams and ideas can become a reality.

2011 Sept 1 - Nov 6:

I ran 2937kms over 67 days up the length of New Zeal and for the Stroke Foundation. Raised $20,295 NZD

2012 April 1 – July 6:

I ran 4259kms over 97 days up the length of Japan for the Tsunami affected areas. Raised $19,500 NZD

2012 Aug 2nd:

Ran La Ultra The High 222kms marathon in Leh India. Placed 6th equal. Run time 56hrs 9 mins.

2013 Aug 19th – Sept 3rd:

Helped create and Crew/Support World record holder Yolanda Holder on her “Extreme Walk 4 Diabetes” -521miles in 16 days

2015 Jan 16th ~ May 9th:

I ran 3423 miles /5510kms across the USA. Running from Huntington Beach California to Boston MA. It was for the 100 Mile Club Charity /Program. I ran 100 days out of 114 on the road.

2015 July 2nd ~ Nov 3rd:

I rode a bicycle from Stratford Connecticut via Boston where I finished the US run up into Canada to New Foundl and and then rode right across Canada and down the west coast of US back to Huntington Beach. Forming a full circle. the ride was 8306 miles /13367kms , I rode 108 days out of 125 on the road.


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