The Week Post Canada ride. SO much fun with the 100 Mile Club .Thankyou

You might be thinking what I do after these crazy adventures, I found on my last runs once I had finished I was all alone and after so much time moving forward and meeting amazing people everyday and having fun being out there I got very lonely . This time this wasn’t going to happen as I had asked Kara from the 100 Mile Club if i could hang out and do some school visits with her and the team. Kara had me sorted out with a beautiful hotel to stay in and everyday we went out and did talks at schools.
I love doing these so much and I get to keep living in the feeling of being on the road, Getting energy from everyone , kids and awesome teachers.
Day 217 Day 216
We started off with a new school starting at Home Gardens school. We spent the day there talking to every student in their classes. All ages from 5 yrs through to 15. We showed a video abut how to do the 100 MC and how to set goals and have fun together making them happen. Its a simple thing but can be hard when the goal is as big as 100 Miles.
Day 213 Day 211 Day 220 Day 222 Day 223 Day 224
We took the little ones out and did a couple of laps, they were super cute and lots of stories coming out as we ran around.
Day 225 Day 226 Day 227 Day 228 Day 230 Day 231 Day 234 Day 232 Day 233  Day 270 Day 271 Day 273
Thankyou so much Home Gardens school. have a great year in the 100 Mile Club and welcome.
The next evening we went out to the Dos Lagos run night, Its a event where any kid in the 100 MC can come and run miles, if you want more or maybe missed a day at school you can make it up here, there are so many evening runs happening in every town or community where there is a 100MC.
Day 235 Day 236 Day 240 Day 239 Day 246 Day 255 Day 252 Day 257
I made heaps of wee friends and did a few laps. Me Kara and Vanessa were there and left feeling awesome. Thank you all so much. Great work to everyone running this event, Its been going every thursday for the last 5 yr. Amazing.
Day 259 Day 260 Day 266 Day 265 Day 264
Day 263 Day 262
Next we had a day at the Orange Grove Elementary, Today was a special one as lots of amazing Ultra runners were here to join the kids and do laps.
Day 279 Day 280 Day 281 Day 284 Day 283 Day 282 Day 276 Day 275 Day 285 Day 286
The kids came out in their classes and ran , then at the end of the day everyone was out for musical miles where the music is blasting and everyone runs and dances around the track. Lots of fun.
Day 291 Day 290 Day 288 Day 297 Day 299 Day 2104 Day 2105 Day 2106 Day 2108 Day 2110
Today was a super special day as i got to see my wee mate Skyler, Now this is a cool story, Me and skyler meet on the first day of the US run, he was down having a walk with his family in his 100MC t-shirt and I run into them. I was blowen away as i was running for the 100MC so to find a kid on day 1 was awesome. We got a photo and I ran off. Now when I decided to ride the bike back and finish at the 100MC headquaters I knew I would go down the same road. So I reached out to Kara to see if she could track him down for me, I only had a photo and a name but the magic of 100 MC found the wee man and we started planning to met. the school was closed the day i ran past but Skylers mom pulled him out of school so he could join us and run with me today.
Oh i was so happy to see him again, such a cool wee guy, Awesome mom. Thank you so much for making my day and finishing off the last special thing I really wanted in our Circle of Awesomeness. Seeing you again.
Day 2113 Day 2112
Day 2118 Day 2116
Day 2160  12212482_10206609912838198_113404643_n
Jessica, Coop, Alfa Tom and his beautiful wife , Tammie, Tapatha and many others came down to be there, Signing tees and feeling famous  all day with the kids. So awesome.
Day 2124 Day 2125 Day 2126 Day 2121 Day 2120 Day 2127 Day 2158 Day 2157 Day 2156 Day 2159  12212366_10206609904077979_1305457233_n 12212353_10206609913398212_387603340_n 12205011_10206609903797972_1609905209_n 12204769_10206609901277909_664125761_n 12204756_10206609910358136_131976449_n 12204706_10206609909518115_1299222173_n 12202447_10206609904357986_1108345510_n
Huge thank you to all the teachers, amazing coaches and awesome principal for a great great day. Sunshine, smiling kids and awesome people doing something cool together, life is good aye.
12204710_10206609904797997_842200998_n 12202219_10206609905518015_420341603_n
12202154_10206609907078054_737622265_n  12202154_10206609902837948_923451803_n
Our last event for the week was at the Mission Inn Marathon where we set up a tent and had the booth going, The 100 MC kids could come and run the kids events and get miles towards their totals at schools so it was awesome to met more kids and see them go after their goals. A little each day adds up to AWESOME things.
Day 2141 Day 2150 Day 2151 Day 2145 Day 2144 Day 2143
Me Kara and Tammie were the team and it was heaps of fun. Tammie trying to get me and Kara fat by buying these amazing cupcakes, they were so good. Lots of smiles and new friends, not sure what else is needed in Life really.
Day 2142  Day 21
Day 2147 Day 2155
Also got a visit from the Man himself “The Jester” , Ed Ettinghausen ran and ran and made a new World Record for the most 100 Mile races competed in a single year.  He did 40 in a year, imagine that.  It was so awesome to chat with Ed and hear stories and get inspired by him, I have some amazing friends. to Awesome.
Day 2153 Day 2154
The lady behind all this awesome is Kara Lubin, This lady is something else, Gives so much time and love and Passion to the kids and the 100MC and it is totally to awesome, I just love hanging out with her and being apart of her club. What she is doing to to much fun. Spreading like wild fire and so simple that 2 yr olds are doing it  while kids all across the world now are apart of the 100 Mile Club, you wanna know more then click HERE
I can’t thank you enough Kara and team for what you have done for me and I truly love doing things with you, it makes so much more fun for me while I run lots and being apart of 100MC is a special thing. I will continue to spread the word to everyone I met . Thank you for everything and it has been so much that you have done for me. Huge Love and we are only starting.
Day 2152
So you can see why I do what I do and why I love it, nothing but awesomeness and happiness every minute and everyday. More to come and I hope you can keep coming with us and being a huge part of it, We are a team!! thank you x

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