Day 125- The last day of our Circle of Awesomeness, amazing friends, Made it to the 100 Mile Club . SO happy

The day was here and I was excited for many reasons, After a great night hanging with Paul , Shacky and Vanessa and having few beers. We woke to the sun beaming out just as I had asked for. Universe working her magic again. Said thank you and good bye to Paul and me and Vanessa set off to met the others at Huntington Beach about 6 miles away.
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We arrived a little late and Jessica and Steve Coop were there waiting for us. Sorry guys. So awesome to see them both again, They were 2 of the 12 runners that I started the US run with in the race and to have them here today was so awesome ,We had a great team of runners and we are truly a family. We set off around 9am with heaps of time to do the 42 odd mails to the 100 Mile Club Headquarters .
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We followed the River trail for most of the way and with a nice little follow wind coming off the ocean it was a great start. We had run this trail on the run so lots of memories flowing back in my head and we chatted about so many things that happened. I was so happy to have everyone here. Vanessa out to smash her biking record of 20 Miles with a smooth 50 today.
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We had made great time all day and had a great Mexican lunch around 1pm and then just kept peddling while i stopped lots to send emails and get calls from people cheering us on for the last day. Every mile made me more happy to think what we have done.
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Ben here above who I had met on day 3 of the run had been following the whole trip and had contacted me to say he was coming to join us today. Its these little things that are the awesomeness in this circle. One meeting and a chat with someone can and is so huge to me. Look at what happens, new friends for ever and moments that happen and affect so many people. Its great, thanks so much Ben for coming out with us.
Just before 4 we pulled up to about 1 mile from the 100 MC and I rang Kara to make sure it was sweet to come up, yes UP as the last half a mile was up, me and Vanessa both thinking an hoping this was the last hill, Me especially. All clear and we climbed up to find these awesome kids waiting and cheering us in. I was smiling and crying inside .
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As We got closer I saw some people who I didnt know were coming so it really got awesome and I really was crying with joy. Patrick Sweeney who I had run the US with had made it back from his huge Chicago to NY run in time and then Newton Baker who had also run the US with us through the race and is 73 yrs old had thrown the biggest surprise and arrived to be there. Linda who ran with us to there and Yol anda who I had crewed for on her First Diabetes walk of 600 miles 2 years ago was also here.
With a Dj playing and People cheering I made the top of the hill to see and met Kara Lubin first, She is the founder and magic behind the 100 Mile Club. This lady is amazing and to special , I would do it again for her anyway of the year. Her amazing team also all here and they had so much sorted for today. Thank you so much for the sign and everything. We got so many photos with everyone and My smile was just huge, I had made the full circle and to have so many of my close friends here was to much. Even my buggy I had pushed while running was out front saying hi.
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Some of the 100 MC kids were here running laps and getting miles so I went for a lap with them, they are so awesome and love the 100 MC, me too.
Me and Pat getting a great selfie here, So awesome to have him here, we did so much together this year. Shacky and Vanessa our AWESOME crew here made me so happy,  the team that is “Run with us America”.
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We all sat around chatting and catching up, Steve Coop had sorted food and his mate cooked us a mean feed f Rice and Shimps. Super yummy cupcakes that I tried not to eat them all. So much great food, thank you so much !!.
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Below you can see a group of people that are way to special , from amazing crew to amazing runners all who had run their shoes off and pushed like not many people who even think of doing. All with s smile on and a spirit that I will never forget .
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This wee cute lady is named Samantha and is 3 yrs old, We met last year when she was 2 and she had run 100 Miles then and with only a 1/4 maybe of the year down she has run 50 miles already and I was lucky enough to be able to sign her shirt for her. Such a amazing little thing,
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Samantha has a super awesome family and her brothers are pushing bug numbers too, both already over their 100 Miles and heading for 2 -300 I reckon by the end of the year. Super great running everyone.
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What else could I have asked for for a last day , So many people, smiles and stories to share and to share with I was a happy kiwi. A HUGE thank you to the 100 Mile Club team for this day, This program and your way of speading fun and encouraging everyone is to much. I love being apart of your team and will continue to be forever. it bought so much to my adventure and made it so much fun when I went to schools across the 2 countries.
Day 2146
Today was a smooth 49 miles and that brought up some crazy numbers , This is blowing me away to , to think I actually run this far and then biked this far. I have never ridden a bike more than a day I mean on a trip like this. and the run is my longest one. But it just shows you if you make it fun and share it it is so possible. I would do it again tomorrow as long as I could get more and more people involved and it continued to be FUN.
The USA run was 3410 miles/ 5487kms long, I ran 100 days out of 114 on the road. Average was 34.1 miles /54.88kms a day
The return Bicycle ride via Canada was 8306 miles /13,368kms long, I rode 108 days out of 125 on the road. Average 76.9 miles /123.7kms a day.
Holy shit thats a long way, haha what was I thinking. I wasn’t i was just having fun and traveling remember and chatting to people and sharing the 100 MC program. No there are so so many people I want to thank and i will write another post for this as they are all to special and other huge reason that i can do this . My sponsors are really amazing people and companies and loved being on their teams and having them on mine. We have done some amazing things together and Im feel so lucky to have had the chance. You all ROCK. THANK YOU.
For everyone I have met on the road, in the schools and on the towns I have pasted through I just love you so much. Your are the AWESOMENESS in the circle. You made this everything it is and I got to feel the energy,love and power that comes when people come together. I believe and live by the thought that everyone wants to help and be apart of something and I will continue to invite everyone to be apart of my life and events. Thank you so much from my heart and world.
more on this tomorrow. For now I’m just chilling and smiling and hope I will be able to sleep as Im just so happy to be finished but already reliving moments in my mind while looking at photos.
Thankyou is where I will leave this. You are my Circle of Awesomeness!!!!!

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