Media Release – What Compels Someone to Run Across America, Then Cycle Across Canada?

Kiwi Runs and Cycles 11,600 Miles Over 10 Months in Massive North American Loop

  • Raising awareness for children’s fitness as he traveled, Jup Brown, 42, a plumber from New Zeal and ran the width of the U.S.; then decided to do the same across Canada, only this time on a bicycle
  • Final day of ride: Nov. 3, 2015. Jup will finish at the 100 Mile Club headquarters in Norco, CA, at 4pm. 

The route was never the most direct, but for Jup Brown, it was never about reaching the finish line quickly—the goal was to inspire people on the way, specifically kids.
The run from Huntington Beach, CA, to Boston was a 4-month, 15-state slog over some of America’s most diverse terrain. He ran the first half with a friend and had two amazing friends supporting him in their RV. From the Mississippi River, he ventured out on his own. He bought a baby buggy for his gear and pushed it while running up the road. On the final day, he managed to catch his friend in Boston and they finished together with a chilly swim in the harbor.
Jup said: “Overall, the most amazing thing was the people. I really believe that saying hello, a smile, and/or a wave can be the start of something. So I do that to every person I make eye contact with. I think that people love to help or be a part of something and nowadays it can be hard to get the chance to do that. So I always invite everyone to be a part of what I am doing or come with me in any way that they can. This is the magic of my adventures, I meet so many people and they help me so much—from letting me stay at their house, feeding me, setting me up with school visits, sharing with their friends and families around the world. It’s amazing how it helps me and then it also gets them involved in the cause.”
“I raised about $6k each on the run and the bike, but the main thing was getting into the schools and talking to the kids about the 100 Mile Club. After I talked to some schools, they joined the 100 Mile Club. That made all the miles and rain and wind worthwhile; it’s an incredible feeling.”
The 100 Mile Club, gets kids to set a goal to run/walk 100 miles in a school year by doing a little bit each day, while having fun together.
Unsure what to do after the run, Jup had a crazy idea after talking with a friend: to cycle back to where he started in California, but via Canada.
“This meant the ride would be 2,800 miles longer than just the width of Canada, but I liked the craziness of that thought,” Jup said.
He bought a bike 3 days before the trip and starting riding. The bike ride started in Stratford, CN, on July 2 and Jup rode via Boston into Canada to Cape Spear—North America’s easternmost point. Once there, he turned around and headed west, riding right across Canada to Victoria on Vancouver Isl and in 108 days.
From there he cycled south down the west coast of the U.S. and arrived back at Huntington Beach Pier on Nov. 2. On the final day in the saddle, on Nov. 3, he will ride to finish at the 100 Mile Club Headquarters in Norco, CA, at 4pm.
What were some of your most memorable moments? 
“I remember in Mississippi I went into a blues museum and the owner asked me if I had time, I said yes and he rang a young man whose father was one of the famous blues players. He came down and showed me around the museum and then played me 3 songs in a private concert. It was amazing.
“I stayed with a family in Arkansas and they were very religious, which I don’t mind, but they were also huge hunters and guns were a huge thing in their family. Even mum carried one all the time. I just don’t underst and this way of thought and it was interesting to hear their way of thinking.
“I got to see an iceberg in Newfoundl and in Canada, I heard from another cyclist and made a small detour of the highway to a town called Kings Point, The Berg was right there in the bay right in the middle of town. It was amazing to see one this as we don’t get them at home in NZ.
“The Rockies were unbelievable—I went from Jasper through to Whistler and had amazing time. I experienced amazing weather and didn’t see any bears that were going to eat me! Once back in America, the Oregon Coast was fantastic. And although the Californian coast was the most challenging because it was either up or down, it was the most incredible coastline.”
The “Circle of Awesomeness” trip right around North America by running and cycling. 11,600 miles in 10 months.
Jup Brown, 42, from New Zeal and
From Huntington Beach, CA, to Boston MA, then across Canada and back to Huntington Beach.
Run: January 16 ~ May 9
Bicycle: July 2 ~ Nov 3
Ran 3,410 miles (5,485kms). Ran 100 out of 114 days at an average of 34.1 miles a day (a full marathon is 26 miles).
Cycled 8,200 miles (13,200kms). Cycled 108 out of 125 days at an average of 76 miles a day.
To get kids motivated to get outside and chase their dreams and to support the 100 Mile Club charity, which gets kids setting a goal to run/walk a 100 miles in a school year by doing a little bit each day while having fun together.
This is the 3rd and 4th big adventure for Jup. In 2011 he ran 1,800 miles (2,900kms) up the length of New Zeal and, raising donations and awareness for the NZ Stroke Foundation. Five months later he went to Japan and ran from the bottom of the country to the top, traveling 2,646 miles (4,259kms) for the tsunami-affected areas. Both runs raised $20,000 for each charity.
Jup writes a blog every day of his adventures—sharing the magic moments of being out on the road and meeting so many people, who not only help him with many different things, but are what he loves about being out there pushing himself to his limits while having fun and helping others.
For more information:
Instagram: Jup brown
Twitter: @JupBrown
100 Mile Club:
The 100 Mile Club® provides the opportunity to run or walk 100 miles at school during a single school year which improves school readiness to learn, creates better education outcomes, building self-esteem, and the overall health in the lives of children and others.
100 Mile Club, 2191 5th Street #211, Norco, CA 92860
To learn more about Jup and his journey, please contact Jup Brown:
Phone:  +1 206-437-8724
Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  +1 206-437-8724
Email:  [email protected]

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