Day 120- Made it to Avila, Highway one is tough but beautiful. New friends .I love my world.

I left at 7am and enough light to see, No cars out yet so it was really quite and nice riding out. The views again magic and another great sunrise. Man have I been lucky for so long. Love you universe.
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Yes another sign to show you as it makes me happy to see the numbers come down. haha
Now Highway 1 is one of two things. UP or DOWN. Im not shitting you, it is a tough ride, maybe the hardest in this whole trip. It comes with good and bad and maybe its just because Im a little tired. sorry dont mean to complain. The views are insane so I love the struggle.
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I met Francis Luong and Liz Brinson today at one of my many stops. They are over from Washington DC ways and doing a road trip. Really awesome to chat with you and thanks for being a part of our Circle of Awesomeness, you are why it is .
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More cool views and also just missed getting soaked when I past this spot. the waves coming in were smashing over the edge.
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A sea lion area was great to see, 1000’s of them chilling in the sun and swimming around. I got to see heaps of them as the cars couldn’t stop and look like I could.
Up and over a couple of smaller hills and I popped out in San Luis Obispo and stopped for some food and supermarket. Found a super cheap one. Great thing about California is the food and veggies are super cheap. I can’t  wait to eat good again. Oh not that I havent been mum . haha
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As I made it into Avila I found the KOA camp ground thinking that is has the $5 a night hike bike thing but only to hear from Ken the owner that they dont do tents. OMG another one. But he made it up to me with a beer and to tell me that 200m down the road does do tents So off I went.
I pulled into the Avila Springs camp to be shocked at the price because of the hot springs but was to tried to go any more. SO had a nice swim and there was awesome wifi so I was able to catch up on everything I needed too. Getting to close to the end not to have this updated.
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Im 210 miles away from Huntington Beach now . SO awesome, One last day of a few hills tomorrow as far as I can see then I can start resting my legs. They need it.
A slow 79 miles today but happy again. One day at a time and just keep peddling aye.

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