Day 119 Oct 28th , Cool day with nothing but magic views , more new friends and a cool camp spot.

I woke as always at 5.15 but then thought about the distance I have left and decided that I don’t have to get up as early any more. I have enough time to get there and not have to push myself , so I reset my alarm and tried to rest more.
I packed up and left the hotel at 7.30, The sun was out in full and after the rain last night I was happy about that. I was on a bike trail from Marina through to Monterey and I stopped at the beach for a look.
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Then it was a climb out of the city and onto the highway and off towards the south. The road went along the water side and it was so amazing, Up and down the road went and I just couldn’t stop taking photos again.
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I met a couple of English guys who were riding south too. I missed their names sadly but it was awesome to met them and we had a good chat.
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Then I caught up with Laure and Moots who I met yesterday. They were having some lunch and were staying in Big Sur. Laure came with me for a hour or so and it was awesome to have someone to chat and ride too. Moots went for a hike while we rode on. So great to met these guys, I hope we can met up again in a few days.
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The hills took a little of me everytime I had to climb, I was trying for Gor do but ran out of day and some mean clouds started to roll in so I found this great spot. It is a walking trail and didn’t say anything about no camping so I set up.
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I did 70 miles today. Little cut on my leg after having a pee in the bushes, haha . 6 days left oh yeah.

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