Day 118 Oct 27th. New Friends, Beautiful Views and more hills.

I packed up my gear from my sweet beach side spot, I wanted to get going before anyone came out and told me off for camping here. I cruised up the 1.
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I passed a tunnel which has only been maybe my 3rd in the whole trip, the sun came up right as I was along side a nice beach. I had to pull over to watch a couple of surfers doing their thing.
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Lots of farms selling Pumpkins at the mo, A magic sunrise which I saw some surfers out and had to stop to watch.
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As I was riding along I got caught up by two French riders named Laure and Moots . Laure who is living in Vancouver and Moots in New Cale donia. Two friends out on a trip and We cruised through Santa Cruz together and grabbed some lunch down on the wharf. Thanks so much for buying me some yummy chowder and a beer.
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I left them to keep riding towards Moss L anding, Highway 1 is starting to get to me well I mean around the way it keeps changing from a highway to a freeway and we cant ride on a freeway even though it has a wider shoulder . As I went down it knowing I shoudnt be on it but had no reception to find another way. Then from behind a cop car pulled up and told me to stop. The officer listened to me as I explained why I was on here but then asked me to leave and told me the way to go. I said thanks and headed off. I arrived at Moss L anding to the camp ground to find out that it didn’t take tents. Being 6pm and getting dark I didn’t want to ride more but had to find somewhere to stay and it was about to rain so belined for a hotel about 8 miles away . I went up the highway again where I was aloud to but about half way it changed back to a freeway but no way I was going off it. BUT once again about 500m from my exit I got pulled over again by another police man haha. We chatted and he let me off and I made it to the hotel at 7.15pm I had done 102 miles.
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So a good day and good miles , I did my washing and had a needed shower and chilled out a bit. Nite.

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