Day 117 – Beautiful Road, Awesome school visit and new friends .

I left ready for a big day which included getting to the Golden gate bridge and I was excited as. A valley fog present as I rode out of Valley Ford but the sunrise looked awesome through it.
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As I was near a river that is the mouth to the ocean I heard some animals. I had seen Deer, rabbits and pelicans already and then Sea lions. Yahoo what a morning.
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Then As the fog broke the road got real narrow and a school appeared, I rode past at first but found myself pulling a u-turn to go say hi. I can’t miss a school that is way out here . Being a little school I knew I would have more of a chance to get in so wanted to try. I found a teacher and introduced myself . Sorry i can’t remember his name but he was super friendly.
He asked around to one of the 3 classes and 2 of them came out to have a chat. It was awesome to have this chance. We had some great questions and then checked out my bike which the kids loved. Then I was invited to have lunch with them .Yahoo. More cool stories came out which I love. Getting to know the kids more is so much fun. I can’t thank the teachers of Bolinas-Stinson School for today and a huge thank you to the kids.
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This first photo below is the view from the school. magic aye.
Then I hit the ocean side and was off riding the ups and downs towards San fran.
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As I was fighting my way up a mountain Keith Hiscott from the UK rode up behind me and said hi. We chatted as we climbed up and he was over from the UK to see his son and had bought his bike. He had picked what I found out to be a huge hill that he had done once already. Legend. So Great to met you Keith.
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Then I went down a big hill and was into the city, A bike trail got us close to the bridge and I could see San Fran across water looking amazing in the sunshine.
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One last sign and bang it was popping his head out of the fog of the other side. What a sight and a huge smile came over me. I had made it .
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I stopped at the view point and pushed my way to the front. didnt take much a everyone was surpised at my bike. haha.
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The side of the bridge I was on couldn’t be past on bikes at this time so I asked a policeman for help. A great guy Mr Lopez showed me the way and we had a great chat too. SO cool to met a nice cop and a super nice guy. Thanks bro.
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The views going over the bridge were cool too. The fog rolling in heaps as I got across it. The other side was a white out.
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I didnt go into the city as I was a bit slow today until here so I pushed on to see if I could find a home for the night. The houses were cool and Google helped me by not having to many ups and downs to go over through the city, thankyou.
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Lots of Halloween stuff in houses as I went past too, Americans love this stuff. this was my pick of the day.
I got to Pacifica and it was just on dark, the camp ground only did RV’s so I had nowhere to stay, I checked around and found nothing apart from a small spot on the ocean cliff side. I knew that i couldn’t set up now so headed off to relax in a cafe until later. Around 9pm I went out and there was noone around so set up and it was just awesome. photos didnt work to well sorry but it was nice.
Only got 70 miles in today but made my goals and Im happy to have found a cool school and ridden the Golden Gate.

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