Day 115 – up and down all day long. New friends

After been told of this big hill coming up I decided to hit it early and before the traffic, I past through Leggett and then it started, It was steep and well not to bad at all , around 3 miles long in total but the best thing was the down hill on the other side. It went on for ever. The longest downhill I think Ive had the whole trip.
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But then the second hill which I didn’t know was there, It was a killer, kinda steeper and almost as long. Then a nice down and out of the trees and the ocean side burst out. The views were amazing straight away and I almost fogot the hills I just climbed.
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The coast road was beautiful yet hard. The continuing up and down of it was harder for me than the big hills. So many twists and turns made it fun but the ups killed me.
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I made it to Fort Bragg to met up with Sharon Davis and her friend Mateo . I had never met Sharon before today but have been friends on the book for a couple of years. We met through a town in Japan called Otsuchi. A village that was smashed in the tsunami. Sharon has done lots of work helping the village and I ran through it on my run. I met some great friends there too.
Sharon had reached out as I was coming to Fort Bragg and we went out for lunch. We then did a little interview out front on the Musuem. While we were filming a man from Hong Kong we found out was taking photos of me while I was talking, It was funny as and I was trying not to miss a beat until he decided he wanted a photo with me. Mateo rolled with it and just filmed this happening. I loved how r an dom it was and funny he was.
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Mateo then got his drone out and filmed me riding up the road. I was happy and sad as it made me miss my drone. My new one is waiting for me in Colora do.
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Then I just cruised up the road trying to make some distance. I wasn’t moving fast at all and the hills were taking it out of me. It got to me a bit but I ended up not to bad and pulled into a state park which turned out to be a camp ground.
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I checked in only because it was $10 and headed up camping beside a guy Pauly who had past me a hour or so ago.
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Pauly is a great man out on his own bike mission and we got on straight away. There was a spa bath here so we jumped in to rest our muscles. A few others in there to and great to make new friends.
So much fun chatting with Pauly and I know we will be keeping in touch. Thanks so much bro. Might see you out on the road tomorrow.
I got 77 miles in to day and I hope to get a few more tomorrow. Hills depending.
Oh shit yeah the All Blacks won against South Africa today and are into the rugby world cup final next week, Great stuff boys.

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