Day 114- The Avenue of Giants,

Now that I know that I only need to do 80 miles a day I feel good, Its not to much and gives me to not have to get up as early. The days are getting shorter too.
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I left the camp and when the sun came up it was super awesome, the clouds were amazing, after 14 miles I made to the gate way to the “Avenue of the Gaints” the redwood tree ally way. I read up on it after Shacky and Vanessa had told me to do it on my way south.
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The road was 32 miles long and it ran right beside the highway but less traffic and magic views of these huge trees and bush. I loved it so much. Its like being home in New Zeal and and I kinda felt homesick in a way. Thanks so much Shacky.
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Lots of small towns and a good vistors centre which I stopped into and watched a video on the old boys who study the trees and lots of other stuff. I couldn’t stop taking photos . I also had seen that there are a few trees that you can drive through and I found one in Shirne . I went in and rode through it. Took my photo as you do.
I popped out the end and back onto the Highway and I had thought there was going to be huge hills today and they never came, there were hills but not bad ones. This made me happy.
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I made it to just short of Leggett and as I had been told there was no shops there I stopped in at a camp/shop. There I met a guy called Ron and he told me there was a big hill coming up and as it was 5pm already I should stay here and do it in the morning, I wasn’t keen to stop yet but when he told me there was a camp for $5 I couldn’t not. The cheapest one Ive had so far. Showers, power and food boxes, this place is perfect.
I got a message from my mate Sam whos from NZ, he lives over here and is coming to find me this weekend, Yahoo. Then also A lady Sharon who I have never met but are friends, She wrote to me today and Ill be able to see her tomorrow in Fort Bagg. Perfect timing
I set up camp and got my things charged then just had time to chill and relax. I need this, Im tired and its been a long trip so good to not do anything. My knee was good today which was good. Day 254 Day 253 Day 257
Nite all.

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