Day 109. Cruising the coast with Craig taking photos and cheering me on, Made it to Coos Bay OR.

I left early as I wanted to make sure I made it to Coos Bay by 5pm. We were heading down to 7 Devils Brewery for a catch up with friends and few beers. The last time I was here this was the last place I went.
Craig slept in as I left at 6 and he caught up with me later. He started taking photos of me riding, A first really for the whole ride.
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We stopped in at a café for breakfast and headed up meeting Little Silas and his dad Dave. Great to met and chat with you both , Hope your Sunday was awesome.
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The day was beautiful and the orad was not bad. Lots of rolling hills which I really don’t like, haha Im just sick of going up hills. Im so slow at them.
Some shots from the day.
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There is this huge bridge as I came into North Bend/Coos Bay and Craig blocked the traffic for me as I went over. Magic views from the top too. Then we dropped into the Coast Guard where I took a shower and checked the place out. Craig is a Coast guard here and in Newport.   Pretty lucky to see it all. Thanks bro.
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On the way to 7 Devils I helped a guy riding a bike and his wheel was falling off, I did it right outside the Tee shirt shop which I had made my US run tees at. It was closed but the win dow opened and Tom said Hi Jup. So awesome to see him and his wife. They helped me so much and really ram dom to have the guy break down here and him to look out right as I was there. We chatted for a bit and then I took off to meet the others.
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A few friends had arrived and cheered me in, Brad,Todd and Cearie .   I felt like it was my home here having them come. We checked out the maps and I told stories from the trip. Others came by and I met more friends and made new ones. So much fun. Carmin the owner turned up and it was awesome to see him again too. Ate super yummy food and drank a few beers . Perfect way to finish a day riding. Thanks everyone.
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I also met Cheryl Davies there who is a teacher at the Local Uni and she invited me to do a talk tomorrow to 2 of her classes. So I will ride after that even just a little bit. Cant not to a talk when you the chance aye. I love it and make more friends doing them.
Another great day and today too was 80 miles.

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