Day 92- The toughest climb of Canada, Magic day

Up and off as usual at 6am and I knew I had a climb today but would finish with a downhill, or so I thought.
The first goal was lilloot town about 87kms from the start and I didn’t think it was going to be up to much, but I was really wrong, pretty much right off it was up and I knew today would be a LONG one and maybe a very hard one.
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The views were sweet and A few people chatted to me when we both stopped for photos or in my eyes a rest. My legs were tired as already and I had a long ways to go. A bus full of germans stopped and I was like a p anda in the zoo with photos being taken, I just smiled and said hi.
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Once I got up and over the first big rise It was a nice ride for a bit and I got to meet these two nice germans who had seen me a few days ago and he was surpised I had made it this far. Me to Aye. Thankyou for saying hi and getting a photo with me.
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Then I made it finally to Lilloot and this was were the day was really going to start for climbing I mean. First I grab as much food as I could eat and a few things for tonight as I wouldn’t make it to a town and would be camping in the middle of bear country/ nowhere.
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I met Emma and her man as I ate and they were telling me how all their stuff had been stolen in Vancouver, Poor things, He even lost his passport. They laughed and showed me their new matching shoes, haha.
Hope you enjoy the rest f your trip.
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Then right away as I left the town it was UP UP and Holy shit bags UPPPPP.
Straight in to a 13% climb which is the most I’ve hit so far and it went on for ever. I could only just keep riding with all my weight and there were a lot of rest stops and water breaks been taken. I didn’t see this coming and I was struggling big time. Legs already done but I had to box on as I have a school to go to tomorrow and I cant not make it. It would kill me to know I let them down.
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I made the first top and thought ,cool but then it went straight down the other side and I thought “Shit” as I was heading back up again. Then it was the same again and I was hurting big time. I had checked the map last night but didn’t see any of this and even when I got to what I thought should be the top it wasn’t.
It was almost up the whole day , I did find a sign to say that I was 52kms from Pemberton which I was so happy to see as I thought I was further away. But the road still rose. I was dying at the end and as I found the Duffy Lake which I thought I would be going down to and almost cried.
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The views all day were amazing and especially at the end here but I was to tired really to take them. I set up my camp and sat down to eat a lot. My legs are dead and I just hpe I can quickly find the top of this hill and it will be a quick 45kms down to Pemberton in the morning. I did 87miles/145kms of UP today and it was the hardest day of this whole Canada ride by a long ways. The last hill killed me haha . Now time to sleep. Nite.
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