Day 89, Up and over The Rogers Pass and down into Revelstoke,Big day and New Friends

I had a big day planned so got going around 7am and straight away I was into a climb, It was Rogers pass I was heading for and not really knowing much about it apart from it is a big mountain. The fog was hanging in the valleys which made it cool but beautiful . As it disappeared the sun came out and so did the amazing mountains. Up Up I go I thought.
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On the climb up there were lots of tunnels to go through, Lots of shoulder even in them was nice , I would love to see this place in the winter, Must be avalanches everyday I would say. I enjoyed the climb to be honest , I think because the weather was so nice.
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Making the top of the famous Rogers Pass was awesome, not a bad steep climb at all but long, around 45kms up. The biggest of the last few mountains I have to cross over.
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The views on the way down the 70kms into Revelstoke were breathtaking. Check these out.
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I found this great little board walk through the Gaint Cedar trees. Nice to have a walk around and be in such a special place. These big trees had a awesome feeling about them , I got to meet a great German family here to, thanks for saying hi.
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I made it Revelstoke around 5pm which was pretty good as I was feeling pretty tired at the end of the 120kms, The mountains are working me lots and the legs are tired but I will keep pedaling. As I rode into town I got a wave and toot from a couple of guys, Then matt called out to me so I went over. Matt invited me to stay at his house and talking with Al I found out he use to come to my home town of Wanaka in NZ and was coaching Snowboarding there. Small world aye,
I got some dinner and went over, There I meet Mike and Jess the other flat mates and It was great to met Jess a aussie. We had a couple of beers and a bonfire and sat around chatting. Nice to just chill out and make new mates. Thanks so much everyone. I got to sleep in the camper too.
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Thanks so much to Matty, Mike and Jess for inviting me in and letting me crash in the camper van, the beers and lots of laughs. Like I always say ” Say Hi and wave and you never know who you will meet or what could happen” Matt did just that , Chur bro.

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