Day 87- Sunshine, Magic and more Magic.The Canadian Rockies are SO SO AWESOME… Lake Louise finish

I woke and Tay-Linn had me a coffee to go while I packed up and said my goodbyes to the family and my protector Storm trooper the dog. It was a foggy start but you could see the sun trying to come out from early on. This made me smile and with not a huge number of miles to do I knew Id have a little time for photos.
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Not much to write to apart from WOW. this place is crazy awesome. I just want to come back next summer in a RV and cruise it for a month. So many places you could chill and camp, film and take photos.
I stopped in at “The Crossing ” to get a brew and then meet the manager Mike, He hooked me up with a Water bottle and post cards that I was going buy but he wouldn’t let me, You can only get them here. Thank you so so much Mike, Ill see you next year and we can go explore. Amazing sunshine and mountains beaming with awesomeness all around me now and it was hard to not stop and take photos. Check it out
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Lots of places for cars to stop and others that you might not see in a car. I found them and stopped a little to get some shots.
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At the top of Bow Pass was Bow lake, Amazing, It was starting to snow lightly and some clouds rounded in pretty quick but I was just able to keep ahead of them and for my downhill run into Lake Louise it went sweet.
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More Glacier lakes and a beautiful old homestead that i had to stop at and have a cuppa. the hills today were long but not as steep as yesterday which i was happy about as the legs were felling it a little. But feeling fit at the same time . All day long I was stopping to pump up my tires as my trailer and back tire have slow leaks which I can’t find, New tubes coming tonight thats for sure.
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Just before Lake Louise was Herbert lake and all but a mirror image happening as I dropped in , then it was off to a dream place that i have wanted to go to for many years.
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Lake Louise was finally in front of me but not after a mean 4kms climb to get there. Just above town was the lake that is as famous as the queen by the amount of people there. I came up today as I wasn’t sure if the weather would hold so took my chance to see it . It was everything I thought it would be, Thankyou Universe for keeping the clouds away for me .
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I did 66miles today but with all the photo time I took it took all day. Now that is my last kinda detour and from tomorrow Im on my way west towards Vancouver, With a quick check I have 7 days of riding to get there. OMG that is close. Im almost there and Im so happy. The miles and KMS are adding up and a huge number will be hit in the next 2 days.
Meet lots of great people again today and thanks to everyone for sharing. Nite all.

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