Day 84 , Hinton school visit, Amazing people and WOW Jasper National Park

The fog was thick at first but not to cold as I headed towards the hills. I was on the climb for the whole day and well even though it didnt feel like it I past the highest point on the Yellowed highway early on in the day at Obed. Funny as I wasn’t even in the mountains yet.
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The sun was out and I had a nice tail wind that bought me into Hinton around lunch time, I stopped into the Info Centre just to see the maps and learn more about the area. I got talking to one of the ladies and within 5 minutes she had the local newspaper lady coming down for a chat and then a school visit sorted for 30 mins from now. I was so blown away by the amazing help and I can’t thank you enough. I did the interview and we headed to the school .
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The Ecole Mountain View school was 300m away and I meet Bruce Volker the teacher who had sorted it out for me. I then met the principal and they bought the first of 2 groups in, each of around 3-4 classes each. I was so happy to be able to do this. The kids were awesome. Thank you so so much for having me.
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I headed off out of town with a huge smile on and loved the way everything just happened there in Hinton. People really do want to help and are the ones behind every great thing that I get to Live on these adventures .
The wind had turned and now was a full head wind which was not what i was hoping for. I had 70kms to go and not a lot of time as I had taken lots at the school. I put my head down and headed off towards the Jasper National park gates. The views just got more amazing as i went along.
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Once in the gates and with my Park pass in pocket I kept cycling hard to try and get to Jasper town. I couldn’t stop stopping and taking photos and as you can see it is just amazing here.
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The wind almost beat me but luckily it died the last 15kms and I made it at 7,30pm. I got to see a lot of Elk in that last 15kms and can’t wait to see what else Ill see in the days to come. Im also kinda scared as Im sure Ill find a bear or 2 but hope they won’t be hungry enough to eat me. haha.
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I find a hotel and as I know nothing about where Im heading over the next week I decided to take the day off tomorrow and get food and maps so I know more. I did 92 miles today. Another awesome day , thank you all

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