Day 82, Left the Fort and heading towards Jasper, Friends and a sweet camp spot

I woke and packed my bike up then chilled and had some breakfast with Fiona and the boys. I have had a awesome time here just chilling and catching up with Fiona and and hanging with Tristan and Jacob. Fiona has really looked after me, Cooked me amazing diners and suppers, Made me so much baking to take with me which Im so great full for. Thankyou so so much Fi.
I was sad to say goodbye but I gotta get this finished so I can come back and relax a lot more.
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It was 8am when I got on the road after walking with Jacob to the school bus stop and I waved to him as I pedaled out. Straight away I was hit with a head wind and it was coming from the west which is right where Im heading, Oh Well I thought Ive been so lucky until now so put my head down and got on with it.
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My first stop was downtown Edmonton where I got to see Erin , We had meet at Mt Everest , yep another one of the Canadian Group that was with Tami. I have loved how many of the group I have been able to see again. So awesome to see Erin again, Thanks so much for sneaking out of work.
Then I went for the Flag shop so I could get the last few flags for the providences Ive hit and will hit. I have them all now and also picked up a USA one too. My flag pole is full.
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Then I was heading out and onto Spruce Groove where Erin lives but also My friend Jennifer Heil. Yep Jenn who I had meet in Montreal is from here and they have named a street after her so I thought I would stop by , It was right on the route I was taking, I didn’t know it was here until 2 days ago.
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Then just straight out the 16A and onto the 16 Yellowhead highway which is leading me to Jasper, It was a cool sunny day and well the wind died a little but slowed me a lot today so I only got 62 miles/100kms in. But that’s all good. I have 300kms to Jasper from here. I made it to Wabamum town tonight and found this sweet little spot. Another fun day and I reckon I might if its sunny see the Rockies start popping their heads up tomorrow .

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