Day 78 I made Fort Saskachetwaan, Met up with a awesome friend from home.

I woke to a mean frost and the first real one , Im close to the Rockies and this is something Ill have for the next few weeks maybe. It wasn’t that cold and it means the sun will be beaming out soon.
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I only had around 80kms to get to Fiona’s house, a nice little day in the saddle and lots of time to chill afterwards.
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I was on Highway 2 again and coming into Edmonton the traffic got heavier and I zig zagged my way around the by passes. Looked like this place has lots of gas and oil industries with all the sites around.
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I had a sweet little tail wind and it got me to the end by 12pm, perfect I thought and it was so so awesome to see Fiona again, Must be 18yrs since we last met up in NZ. So much to catch up on and also it was the start of my longest holiday since starting. I will be here all weekend and head off on Monday to the hills.

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