Day 76 , School visit, my first 100MC school start up, Nice day on the road in the sunshine

I had a school visit straight up this morning at the Banbury Crossroads School here in Calgary. I made it there for 9am and first chatted with the old kids which was great fun. Then I talked with the younger kids which is always super fun, Always so many questions coming out right from when I drop the maps in front of them.
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This all come around after meeting Delaney Boyd at Tami’s house a few day ago. She use to go to Banbury school and she had rung Diane Swiatek to ask if I could talk. A huge Yes came back and I was heading here.
To make this talk even better the school signed up to do the 100 Mile Club program. My first school which made me so so happy and smile all day long. The kids were all wanting to do it which is awesome.
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Thankyou so much for having me and giving me more power to keep riding into the Rockies.
Then I headed out of the city towards Red Deer and Fort Saskachetwaan. The sun had come out and with a little head wind I cruisied up the highway 2. A really busy highway too but a great shoulder so I was happy.
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I found this sweet little spot to camp right beside the highway and with the sun heading down over the Rockies which YES I saw for the first time today in distance. They look huge haha I have some work to do yet but first its all flat and ill enjoy this first. I have friends to visit before the hills.
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A great day and new friends and easy 56 miles in the bag. Thanks to Pat and Jesse for having me last night and the Banbury Crossroads kids and school for becoming a part of the amazing 100 Mile club.

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