Day 72, Day off, School visits, bike tune up, radio interview and lots of friends.

The sun out and a exciting day ahead we headed into town
Day 22
I got a message from two teachers and the first school was Crescent High school, I got to talk with the Grade 10 class, They were great and I loved chatting with the older kids. Thanks so much for letting me come at super short notice.
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Then I went to the Cypress Centre to visit with the McCoy High school. 3 grade of 10.11.12 with around 150 kids, They didnt know I was coming and at the end of a big day doing activities they were great to listen how they did, I had a awesome time here too, thanks so much  to everyone who made it happen.
Day 212 Day 211
Then I saw a radio station and went in to see if they would help me say thanks to the community and they did, we recorded a interview and it will be played tomorrow sometime. Thanks for your support too.
Day 213  IMG_3566 IMG_3567 IMG_3565
I had met Mike from the Valhalla Pure Outfitters shop  at the Station cafe this morning and he had helped me find a place to get my bike tuned up, I hd dropped my bike off at Gravity Sports and Ben sorted me out big time, Short notice and fixed my baby up and now Im ready for the mountains, Thankyou so so much.
A great day out and I came home to chill out and chat and catch up on stories with Tami. Im so lucky to live my life like I do and as i always say its because of everyone I meet. Thank you so so much and I hope we can do so much more together starting tomorrow. Why not start now. Find your thing and go after it.

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