Day 71- Sept 10th, Made it to Alberta and Tami's house.

I left my Leader homestay and headed off towards Medicine Hat Alberta , Sun started coming up and no wind I got a great start.
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As you can see the views of nothing really are breathtaking, Not much out here in the ways of towns even so it was just me , my bike and the road.
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The one town I found all day was Burstall and I stopped into meet the ladies at the cafe. Great food , smiles that recharged me for the next few hours. thanks so much.
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Just up the road I crossed into Alberta , Yahoo. Im getting closer to the west coast. Straight away signs of rattle snakes had me thinking and watching my footing , The clouds today were amazing, must have been wind up top as they were forever changing and I just couldn’t stop taking photos.
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The roads just went on forever, rolling hills came into play at the end of the day which was a nice change. I have found my bike is making some crazy sounds so I think Ill get it fixed up over the next couple of days. Before I get to the Mountains of the Rockies.
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I pulled into Medicine Hat city around 6.30pm and made my way to meet Tami at the “Kindred Yoga” Studio. Br andi who owns it came first and we chatted and she showed me around. Kindred yoga has just opened and it looks amazing, Br andi is such beautiful and has a amazing vibe and feeling flowing out of her which I love. Get down and check them out if you are passing through or live here. I didnt go to the class as I was to hungry and went for thai food in stead.
CLICK HERE for Kindred yoga
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Tami arrived a little later and it was so great to see her smile again,her magic way and thinking is something I love. We first meet up at Mt Everest trekking and it had been 5 years. So happy to see her and get to have a couple of days just chilling other hut on the ranch. A rest I need I think.
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I got 99 miles /160kms in today and it was pretty smooth riding today. I had a guy stop and ask me if I had dropped my shoes as he had found a set a few hundred meters apart back up the road, I said no and then he donated to the 100MC, thanks so much bro, then another guy pulled over on the same road within meters to say he had seen a post about me which I think was from Tamis Post , We chatted and he too donated , thanks so much for helping our kids and helping more to get moving. This all happened with nothing around, I mean say 50kms from anything or town, Shows you that amazing things can happen and do happen everywhere. Thanks so much guys you made it another awesome day for me on the road.
I retired to bed yes a BED and dropped of to sleep smiling .

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