Day 70 – Made it to Leader, New friends that started with a smile

I was a little slow out of bed this morning as there had been a lot of trucks coming in to fuel up next to my tent all night, a train had gone past too, I knew they would and I normally don’t hear them, must have been a light sleep.
The sunrise was amazing again and I love starting the day with them.
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Todays road was almost dead straight and flat. Only a few turns all day and only at the end were there 3 dips which turned into hills. Nothing really out here even to look at but the beauty of nothingness. Farms rolled on as far as the eye could see , all kinds of crops were or had been growing here.
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I made it to Kindersley around lunch time which was half way for the day, I had to post a few things off, like licence plates that Ive found and a few things ive been given. Then it was back out into the nothingness. The sun was out in full force yet not super hot, clouds rolled past with a wind that I could feel but must have been up above me. Lucky aye.  I saw a bit of wildlife today with snakes, alive and dead. Then deer and small mole looking things. Super fast they were.
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I finished listening to “Unbroken” a audio book Ive been listening to the last 2 days, great story and a bit better than the movie I reckon. Maybe just more detail. Then I started “Open” by Andre Agassi, Ive had the book for a while now but just never read it . Im loving listening and learning from the Audio Books.
I arrived into Leader around 7pm and got some food and was just thinking of where to camp when a nice lady called Coralea Gardiner pulls up beside me and said hi, She had seen me out on the road today. I asked her if she had a piece of lawn I might be able to pitch my tent on and she smiled and said “ I have heaps come on over” Coralea showed me just what I believe in, Not thinking at all and smiling while sayin yes, She opened her house to me and showed me around and then left to see her friend. Trusting me with everything. Such a beautiful way to be. I cant say how much you have made me smile inside, You confirmed everything Im telling the kids and people I meet every day. Cant thankyou enough Coralea.
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I showered and lay down to watch a movie and sleep off another great day. Happy kiwi I am I tell you.

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