Day 67 Sept 6th – Rolled into Saskatoon, Friends, presents

I woke to a little rain but after the down pour I saw last night I was happy it had almost stopped and I was lucky enough to not have been camping in it. Thankyou so much again to Tara at the Ross Inn.
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The air is getting cooler as I get closer to the rockies and Im finding Im wearing more clothes even when the sun is out. The wind can be cold as. The terrain today was just flat and really straight and as the day went on the wind picked up. So much so that I was having trouble keeping straight on my bike.
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I was getting blown sideways and when I was inline it was straight at me. The pace was really slow , luck I didn’t have a huge day ahead to make Saskatoon. I had 120kms to make Michelle and Davids house. Also tomorrow Im taking a day off Yahoo, my first one in around 3 weeks.
Not a lot out there in places to stop and have a coffee or even hide from the wind today. Im right in the paireres now that’s for sure. Ive been so lucky until now with weather so just put my head down and tunes on and pedaled on as best I could.
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I arrived at Michelles around 4pm and it was all smiles. So So awesome to see her again, been since 2010 when we were at Mt Everest trek to base camp . David, Michelle and Lily the dog greeted me and we had a beer which I needed. It was time to relax and catch up.
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My beautiful sister Amber and her family sent me a present all the way from NZ, my homel and. Chocolates, creams and YES NZ /All Balcks rugby flags for my trailer. SO happy to get all this and thankyou so so much . Love and miss you all so much.
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One happy kiwi signing off, another great day had. Nite all

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