Day 68 – Day off In Saskatoon. Party time

Day off, I had a awesome bed, shower and great friends to enjoy this day off with and even though I couldn’t sleep in I just lay there relaxing.SO Great to catch up with Michelle and tell each other stories and relive our Everest trip. it was so much fun.
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It was raining out and we checked about a few things we could go check out in the city of Saskatoon.
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We tried to go to a Indian reserve to see some history but they were closed so we hit the museum where the lovely ladies let us in for free, thankyou so so much , I had dropped some sweet lines down to sweet talk them , doesn’t work to offen so I feel lucky.
Then we went for lunch at Browns café and I did some shopping for food as there wasn’t many places over the next few days to stock up on.
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Then just home to have a beer and relax before the party, Yeah party time on a school night. Michelle had invited some friends over and half of them were on the trek to Everest too. I was excited to see everyone again.
I loved sharing the stories on the run and ride and hearing about what everyone had been up too. A great group of people and a lot of awesomely yummy food which everyone bought. Thankyou all so much for coming over and sorry for the late change of dates.
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I went to bed and pack my gears and dropped off to sleep with a big smile on. I just love everything that happens while out here on the road. Thankyou all so much.

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