Day 66 Aug 5th – Made it to Lanigan, Double rainbow breakfast, more great people

A great sleep had and I was ready to go early to escape the wind I stepped out of my tent to see a amazing Sunrise, check this out
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Rainbows, double rainbows and colours everywhere. Wow
I could see it was raining ahead and where I was heading so as I got closer I got my jackets out and got ready. It did start raining and I got pretty wet but the wind was with me so I was happy. After yesterdays little taste of a head wind I didn’t want one with rain.
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I dropped into Foam Lake town and found a Pharmacy where I bought a shower cap, Haha yeah one your gr andma wears. I put it over the helmet to stop the rain and cool wind on my head. It was great and made a huge difference.
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The rest of the day riding went great and only one small 4 kms section I had a mean side wind which had me lerning into it straight to stay on my bike. My sunflower toy I had got blown away which was sad but I was happy just to not fall off.
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As the day went on I noticed I had done 98 miles/160kms around 5pm when I pulled into Lanigan town so I got some pizza and as the weather looked crazy and rain was coming I decided to get a hotel
I made it into Ross Inn right on the highway and got talking to Tara. She was a great lady and we chatted for a hour or so. She then said she would donate the room to me for the night. Wow I said and thanked her so much.
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As I lay in the room which is super nice and a awesome shower I heard outside the rain which was pissing down. I thought to myself how lucky I was not to be out there in it in my tent.
Im so happy and things are going great . Thankyou to everyone who is making this such a amazing ride.

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