Day 65,Aug 4th- 2 Awesome school visits and great people.

After yesterday not having much success getting into a school I decided to hit the road and once I got to Yorkton I would stop in at a police station and see if they could help me get something in writing that I could send to and show schools so they would know I wasn’t a bad man.
Day 26
I walked in and got to chat to Sargent Nichol, he was a very nice man but he said he couldnt just do a quick check up, I knew this but had thought I would ask. He did though say go over to a school nearby and have a chat to his friend who was the principal. So I did.
I arrived at the Doctor Brass school and met with Mr Gor don, A big smile met me and I told him my small problem, it wasn’t a problem to him and he rounded up some kids and invited me in. I was SOOOOOO happy and this was my first school in Canada.
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There was about 40 kids of all ages , I told them what I was up too and why I was running and riding all this way. Eyes popped out and mouths opened which was funny, I then aksed if their was any questions. Yes there was and I just love this time, So many funny throughts run though their minds and as I had the bike inside and with all the toys on it that was a big focus.
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Day 232
I had a great time and told the kids I would never forget them as it was the first school here, I will for sure for so many reasons. I said good byes and got a few hugs which I was super happy about which made me feel great, Thankyou so much to Mr Gor don and all the kids for making me so welcome. Also for the awesome presents.
As I was leaving Mr Gor don said he had a friend who was a principal for a school that was only 25kms up the road and said he would ring him and see if I could drop by. It was a Big yes and I headed off with excitement. Thankyou.
I was just heading out the gate and I heard a police car siren go off, I looked around to see Sargent Nichol waving out the win dow, he had come over to check and see if it had gone well. I thanked him so much and he wished me luck. Thankyou so much too.
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AsI went up the road I run straight into a head wind and it was a hard grind to make it by 2.30 before the school finished. I arrived at the Springside school and meet Principal Trost and he quickly said yes and got some kids together. My smile got even bigger as I chatted to the kids. One young boy told me my Mario toy was his and that his bro had thrown it out the win dow, I laughed.
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The kids were great again and both schools loved the idea of doing the 100 Mile Club which made me super happy. I really hope we can get one or two going in Canada.
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The kids here were so great and didn’t want to leave me, I was signing autographs and chatting away and mums were waiting, it was great. Thankyou so so much for your awesome energy and making this day so special.
I left and rode towards a hotel which had a café to sit and think of all the smiles and fun I had just had over the last few hours.
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I pulled up at Hotel California and walked in and ordered some food. The owners Ellery and Tina were so nice and after we chatted they wouldn’t let me pay and wished me luck. My day was so good already and it just kept getting better. The people who I have met today are amazing, they all just got right behind what we are trying to do and didn’t even think twice about helping. Thankyou all so so much.
Then as I was pushing into a small head wind I saw a man pushing a buggy up the road on the other side. I pulled up and said hi. Jason has been walking across Canada for the last 10 months for his charity called “Homeless Happens”. He was limping and had a bad ankle. He was in great spirts and it was just great listening to his stories of his trip. Keep going strong bro Ill be following closely. Check his walk out at
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I went off again and found a sweet spot to camp for the night, I found a pad dock/field just off the highway and with just the hay freshly cut and a sunset setting in the never ending Saskatchewan skies. A magic way to finish off this awesome day , I couldn’t be more happy about today. Thankyou!!!
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