Day 64 , Good day , tried to go to schools and made Saltcoats town

A beautiful sunrise to start the day off with, Im loving riding early in the mornings at the moment. Cool, no cars and this to look at for a hour or so.
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Again no hills and within 3 hours I was 15 minutes from the end of Manitoba Provence and pulled into Russell. I was sitting at Tim Hortons for a coffee and I could see my bike just outside getting lots of people checking it out, It made me smile. Then A guy was looking out to it right beside me so I asked him if he could take over for the afternoon, he laughed and I explained what I was doing to him and his friend. They then headed off to work or I thought they were to only then have a tap on the shoulder and the younger one came back and gave me a Bagel and hash Brown to eat. I was blown away by their kindness, Thankyou so much guys.
Then I went to head off and a car pulled up in front of me and the lady jumped out and said “ are you Jup” I laughed and said yes I am, sorry how do you know.
Day 225
Andrea then told me that her husb and Alan who was one of the guys who had feed me had called her and told her to go buy a couple of Beers and go up Highway 16 looking for me on my bike. When I heard this it made me so so happy. We chatted away and I told her they had just done what I know can happen but they had showed me the amazing thing of pure kindness. It is what I dream of and I couldn’t thankyou her and Alan enough . You are beautiful people and the world needs more people like you in it. Everyone thinks it but only a few would do it.
I headed up the road smiling ear to ear and then I got a bigger smile as this beautiful sign to say I had finish Manitoba. I was into Saskatehewan yahoo.
The clouds and sky looking amazing and making my day great.
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Then I made it to Langenburg and stopped to get some food and got talking to the lady serving me, She told me the schools here had started again. I asked where they were and headed off to see if they would let me chat with the kids,
I hit the elementary school first and meet Mr Kirk the principal who met with me but just couldn’t let me met the kids, He wanted to but he has to get me checked out and let people know first, a lot like USA in a way, A bit more relaxed but still rules. I said thankyou and goodbye and headed to the high school.
They were great to chat with but the same answer. Sadly but I thought this might happen. I asked about what would be headed to do a talk and they helped me heaps. Tomorrow Im off to the Police to see if they can get me a clearance or a letter I can show the schools. Ill get in some how haha.
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Then I went on to the next town called Churchbridge and stopped for a coffee, I got talking to Brain and his wife and team at the Stixx gas station, super friendly people doing some great things in the community . I had a flat tire too on my trailer when I got there so fixed it while I chatted to them. Thanks so much for saying hi.
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I found out also that the time had changed a full hour, I thought to myself and made a plan to get a few more miles in but would have to finish a bit more early as it would get darker sooner. It also meant the mornings will be lighter earlier too. Going to be early to Bed and early to get up .
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I pulled into Saltcoates town and saw a camp ground right by the lake. I felt like a shower and nice places to relax so went in and set up. A beautiful sunset to finish off a great day out with 97 miles /155kms done and a couple of schools tried but no success. Ill keep trying.   Time to sleep . Nite

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