Day 63 , Into Shoal Lake, Flat roads and a tail wind to help me. New friends

A great nights sleep and I got on the road by 6am again, I didn’t have a point I was aiming for today but just thought I’d ride and see what happens.
Dark again for a start but no wind so I was able to get a few miles in early. Once the sun came out it got real hot again, well into the 30’s again.
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Just miles and miles of farms out here, Growing wheat and hay and also saw lots of cattle today for a change. The tractors and trucks out here are a size bigger than normal as the fields are bloody huge. Nice friendly farmers waved and said hi which was awesome.
The views didn’t really change all day.
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As the afternoon disappeared I saw two riders coming towards me, I pulled over and said hi ,Vyacheslav Stoyanov   and Yana Melamed   from Bulgaria have cycled from Alaska and are heading all the way to South Amercia but not in a straight line, which I loved, straight lines aren’t fun haha . We chatted for a while and exchanged info on the roads ahead. They even hooked me up with some Bear spray which I had been looking for but hadn’t found. Thanks so much guys.   Super fun and lots of laughs which when I said good bye kept me smiling for the next hour. I copied the below info .
check them out at



Cycle 4 Recycle   is a global initiative which aims to improve life on the planet. We all want to live in a more positive and caring society, but in order to achieve that every single person must believe that they are important and their work matters. Never mind if you are just a single person or a small community, everybody with ideas put into action is more than welcome to register and share their activity. For example, you can be the one teaching everybody in your neighborhood to sort their waste, or you can be the one who cleans the wild parts of the park, or you can just change your car with a bicycle. We know that everybody is full of ideas for better tomorrow and we want to see every single one applied. Let’s stop waiting for big organisations to put things in order, it is time to start taking action.
Our Mission:

  • Cycle 4 recycle ’s mission is to unite and inspire people from all over the globe to work for cleaner environment, healthier lifestyle and more positive society.
  • Encouraging people to take better care of themselves and the environment, with which they are going to give a positive personal example for others to follow.
  • We want the common people, with ideas for better society, to feel support and to know that they are not alone.
  • We are interested in people who are already realizing their ideas and people who are thinking of making their first steps.
  • To create networks of people, sharing the same location and inspire them to unite forces in taking care of the problems in their district.
  • We have interest in how the ideas of our participants are growing and developing.
  • Provoking people to start taking action in regards to the unfairness towards Nature.
  • We are recognizing the self – awareness of individuals as an important and integral part of the change of the social status quo.
  • We wish everyone to dem and a better future for the upcoming generations.

Day 228
I also meet a fellow Kiwi Garreth and his lady Ryan. He came over after over hearing me chatting, He is living up in Alaska and is on a road trip to USA. I tried to buy his t-shirt haha I loved it. But no good. I wouldn’t have sold it either, Thanks for saying hi and have a awesome trip bro, Ill be up to see you one day.
Day 219
Then I saw on the map a small town and thought Id pull in for the nite but it was really small and nothing or nowhere to camp so I went hard for another 45mins to make it to Shoal Lake town. I got some food and water and checked out the area and spotted this little place, Not sure I was surpose to camp here but it was almost dark and I quickly put up the tent and left the orange fly off for a start until it got dark so I wouldn’t st and out. It worked and no one said anything.
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I had a good day in Miles too with 117 miles/190kms, The little follow wind I had helped heaps, I just hope it stays with me as the distance will half with it in my face. If it can stay with me for 2-3 more days Ill be super happy.
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I have started listening to a new Audiobook called “Shantaram” and its helping waste the days away nicely. I have had the real book for maybe 5 years but had only read 5 pages. It’s a huge book too so Ill get it all done in a week or two.
No more news, Im out nite

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