Day 62, Goodbyes to Sammy and back out heading towards next friends, so much fun

I woke early but wasn’t rushing to leave as I wanted to see a couple of shops and they didn’t open until 10am so a nice cruisey morning. I did my packing and said a good bye to Sammy and his daughter. So going to miss you bro but I know I find you soon. Thanks so much bro.
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I headed off to do my things and the team and MEC helped me a lot, while coming out of the shop a few people said hi to me as my bike was right in the door way and a eye catcher for sure, then Philip came over and said hi, He too is biking across the country but the other way. We chatted and shared stories and routes of where we had ridden and it confirmed to me I was going to be making a course change for sure, Im now going to Jasper and down the ivy highway to Baniff, Sounds like it’s a road that is one of the most beautiful in the world , cant not go then aye.
Day 212
Then I headed off and well looking at the time of 1pm I thought it wasn’t going to be a big mileage day but at least Id get some done, It was really hot today and I saw a sign blinking 32celius around 3pm and then at 7 pm still 30, I had my Aloe Up cream on protecting my ever darkening skin, Yep I getting a nice tan going.
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I made it to Portage la Prairie around 7.30 and got some food and then spotted this what I thought was a truck stop but I think it wasn’t, But I put up my tent anyways and just hoped it would get dark before anyone thought about kicking me out, haha I won.
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Only did 56 miles 90 kms today but Im happy and its moving so that’s a good thing,
I got hold of my old friend from school days Fiona today and we planned for when Ill get to her house. I haven’t seen her since school and I was so happy when I found out I was riding past her town, So excited to see her again and its another great goal to have to keep the legs rolling on.
Nothing else to report, Big thanks again to Sammy, Philip and Fiona for making my day so awesome. Nite.

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