Day 61 , made it to Sammy in Winnipeg Yahooooo

I was excited as to be get up this morning as I was going to see Sammy my mate in Winniepeg and as I don’t have much time I only had tonight to hang with him . So I was on the road by 5.45am and had a nice 66 miles or around 100kms to get there.
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Still not much shoulder to ride on for a start but got better the closer I got to Winniepeg. The road also really flat now which is great and now just the winds to worry about and hope they are with me not against me which will make it real slow. Thinking of slow and then really thinking I was slow to look down and see my first flat tire in over a month, I pulled over and fixed it to find my tire also was going through a hard time and I thought to myself I had better buy a spare just in case. Not much out here now so it would be a long walk if I was prepared.
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As I was coming into Winnie I knew somewhere there was a sign pointing out the center of Canada, The longitude center that is, I all of a sudden had a thought I had missed it to only look up and the next sign was it, I couldn’t believe it and pulled up for a photo.
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Then Not far after I could see the city and got happy and as I did the wind came up to give me a little dose of what it could get like, Holy shit I thought as I slowed way down and felt like I was getting nowhere. But I pulled into town and found a bike shop, The team at Woodcock cycle works were great and sorted me out while I waited, Thanks so much boys,
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Then by 3pm I was pulling up to Sammys house and I got to see my great friend, Its been maybe 3 years since we meet back in Japan, Sammy’s smile and laugh are awesome and you just cant smile when he does. We hugged and laugh at the 2 of us being in Canada, so far from where we normally are.
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Great to meet his daughter too who when I last saw her at maybe age 3 is now 16, crazy.
We walked around and had a beer and dinner catching up on everything that is going on with us both, I was happy as. Its so great to met friends and I wouldn’t be me without them. I love everyone of my friends in a special way and miss them all so much. One good thing about moving around lots is I get to catch up with them along the way . Thanks Sammy for putting me up tonight.

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