Day 53 Aug 23rd, Beautiful Waterfalls and new friends

I packed up from my beach side site  and headed off in the what was going to be a sunny as day. I have been so lucky everyday, Im hearing of others getting wet but Ive missed it all.
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A bit of a hilly day but amazing views again. Ill let the photos tell the story.
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I then found a lake called “Mom Lake” and then 300 m down the road I found “dad Lake” made me laugh.
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I met a nice man called Ken who was riding in the other direction, A teacher and he was interested in the 100 MC . Great to stop and chat, have a great rest of your ride Ken, thanks.
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The rest of the day went great and nothing happened, I found some toys and tied them on. Another j andle/flipflops.
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I got 111 miles today. Good day out and now to rest up for tomorrow.

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