Day 52- Pancake rock, magic camp spot

I rose and was heading out the gate by 6.05am and had to leave the money in the door as no one had come in yet. Still a little dark I had to have lights on and reflective clothing on as this highway is a busy one. I have found the drivers to be a lot better than people are telling me.
The sun poped up and the morning colours changed and with no wind I was off to a great start.
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I had 85kms to get to the next big town and was hoping to hear back from a local newspaper about maybe doing a story but when I got there no one was there. I sadly wasn’t making the cut today but Ill try the next town too. I made it in 5 hours for 50 miles which is half of my goal for the day.
I got some food and check the emails at McD’s and then was off to get this second half done.
As I got out of town I saw something in the corner of my eye and look to see a black bear, yeah a real one running just off the side of the road , it turned and saw me and I was pulling out my camera and as I stopped it stopped, I got a couple of shots before it jumped out the back and was gone. Now don’t worry there was a hill and a guard rail in front of me and I was not thinking of a get away. So cool to finally see one and break that bears are not real , haha.
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I was hugging the coast of Lake superior all day and man it is huge, The shore line around it is 4300kms long, that’s 2 New Zeal ands, wow. It set the day as having lots to look at and I tried to get nice shots , not the best sorry.
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I found a bike shop and went in to say hi, it was called Velorution and they have a small camp ground out back that is free to use. Even have a shower you can use and wifi all for free. Check them out at…………   Thanks for the tour and great to meet you.
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As I rode I thought I must be getting close to this middle of Canada point, I saw a sign say the same name but saying Chippewa River not falls. I pulled in as I was at 85miles for the day and a bit hungry. As I sat there a nice man named JP came and said hi and after asking me how I pay for this kinda thing went to his car and got me and 100 Mile Club $20 each. Have a great breakfast on me Jup he said. JP is a teacher and we chatted about getting his class or school doing the 100 Mile Club, he loved the idea and will be getting back to me next week. Awesome that would be great. Thankyou so much for your support JP.
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So as I was about to leave I saw a info board thing and went to see it to find that I was at the centre of Canada point, Chippewa Falls was right there, Yahoo. Im officially half way across the country but kinda going the long way so I wont be there in 4000kms haha. But great to be here and I got a few shots of the falls and area. Meet some more nice people here, the bike is really puling in the people. All the shit I have on it haha.
Day 221
I headed off to find Pancake bay which was right at my 100 mile mark an the last place to get gas for 150kms . I pulled in at around 5.30pm which was super early and thought I wouldn’t go any more today so sat down and had a good relax while checking out the shops that were there. I had to get food for tomorrow and water as I don’t think there is much around all day. Cant run out of anything or I just get to tried and hungry.
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Then I was off to find a home for the night and a nice man had told me to go 3 kms past the camp ground and you will see the beach, free camping there. I found it and a couple of families there but a sweet little spot right on the water . Wow Im liking the last couple of days spots. Lucky aye.
The views awesome, sounds great, cool and no insects really so a great spot. Maybe the best so far I reckon. What do you think.
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I ate heaps and got this written before it was time to sleep again. I have 155kms to do tomorrow to make the next town of Wawa so better get some sleep.

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