Day 49 Aug 19th Took the ferry , meet lots of awesome people.

4.15 am I was up and packing up so I could get on the road by 5. I wanted to catch the 1.30pm ferry and I had 87kms to go. It was the earliest I had started on the whole trip and man it was dark.
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I had a little tail wind and pretty straight roads so I was able to get through the miles pretty quick. I had a couple of stops and still arrived in to Tobermory around 11am. I also found a place to have a shower for $2 , I was happy about that.
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As I thought the ferry didn’t leave until 1.30 I had a little look around town, I found a shop called the Mermaid and it had heaps of great gear , hammocks and tie died stuff. I just love these shops. As I was getting off my bike I got a hello from a mermaid, Megs had just arrived at work and we clicked straight away, Had a great chat while resting drinking coffee and the café beside.
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Then A couple of other people came over to see my bike and I was there for about 1hr just chatting, Marshall and Nancy also stopped by and I thankyou for your donation to the 100 Mile Club.
Day 24
Loved the time there and it made me smile so much. Thanks Megs x
Then I shot down to the ferry terminal to find out that I had just missed the ferry, The times I had seen where for off season, What a dickhead aye. So I headed up having until 3.30 to wait. So I went in search of a place to relax.
I found another biker named Levi, she was from Toronto and just out riding for 2 weeks, Last year she rode across the Country. We chatted for ages and it was super fun. Thanks so much Levi , have a great trip x
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I went and set up my tent as it was super wet from last night, A great wind in town here meant everything was dry in 15 mins.
I made the ferry on time and it was 2 hrs over to Manitoulin Isl and which is the largest freshwater isl and in the world, I didn’t know that when I was heading this way but great to learn I was heading to such a place.
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Once on the isl and I started North and being 6pm already I was just looking to get a few more miles in, I did 69 for the day. As I was riding I could see a huge lot of clouds rolling in behind me and you could see it was going to piss down. Right as it started to rain I made a town called Manitowaning and saw a sports field with covered area. I belined for it and made it just in time.
A couple of locals where there so I asked if it was ok to pitch my tent under cover and they thought it would be fine. Lucky as I didn’t want to head back out there.
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Great to have a table to eat at and no worries for the rain that just kept coming. A nice wind also to keep the mossi’s away so I was happy as.
A cool day , rode well, meet lots of people and got a sweet place to camp. Not much more I could ask for.
Sleep time , Nite.

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