Day 48 Aug 18th – Biggest riding day with 200kms and a huge storm.

Up at 5am and got my bike set to go , A great breakfast thanks to Angela and thankyou for getting up to say bye and letting me stay with you. Xx
Day 21 Day 22
I had to get out of the city limits and didn’t have much trouble with the Morning rush which was nice. I got some good miles done early and with a few clouds around it kept the temps from getting to hot.
Day 24 Day 26
I was trying to get at least half of the 300kms I have to do to get to the ferry, Im feeling better and better everyday. The sun finally came out and it was super humid and hot. I had to have a few stops and get drinks and food, I also eating more everyday too.
Day 29 Day 210 Day 211 Day 221 Day 222 Day 235
Then about 5pm I dropped in to get some fruit and as I about to get on my bike it started to rain real hard, I Was so lucky and waited it out and thought I was safe, As I took off and got up the road it started again, I got so wet and had to take cover, I went into a horse ranch and knocked on the door to ask if I could stay under the covers, Noone home so I just did anyways. The rain was so heavy. It lasted about 20 mins and out came the sun again.
Day 223 Day 233 Day 237 Day 240 Day 239
Then as you see out came the rainbows, even got a double one. Great to have my cannon camera back with me, Huge thankyou to Olga Goff in Rhode Isl and for sending it out to me, xx
Day 250 Day 252 Day 215 Day 214
I had made great time and miles today and made 123 miles today, my new record and it leaves me with a great doable number in the morning. I can make the afternoon ferry now.
Day 225
I found this old house and set up camp behind it . Another cool day out.

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