Day 47 Aug 17th – Day off in Toronto , Fun times seeing friends

A day off and I was happy to be sleeping in and having a cruisey lazy morning planned, I got the chores done and had another shower haha got to when I can aye.
I then headed out and into Toronto city to get my new business cards that I had ordered a week ago. The last few days all the people I met I couldn’t give them a card and I always feel like it could be a lost chance or someone I cant reconnect with at some time .
I also made a new friend in Staples called Olga who is from Russia, Awesome to meet you Olga.
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Then I just crusied around and took some photos, Got some food and checked out some shops. Then I was off to met Lauren
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Lauren Jawno is from South Africa and I got to meet her around 2 yrs ago, We clicked when we met and have been great friends ever since, I had my camera and a shirt sent to her house pcked them up and got to have a great catch up with her. Lauren has helped me in so many ways , helping me get my stuff in order and get my mind focused on the right things or thinking in the right direction.
Lauren’s Website   and her Facebook
Thanks so much for helping yet again and it was so great seeing you again. Ill make sure its not as long to see you again.
I had a great chat t the taxi man who drove me home too and he wanted a photo, so we did
Day 220
Then I quickly shot back to Angelas house ( Vanessas Mums House) to meet everyone but I first had a skype meeting with my sponsorship guru Vickie Saunders from the Sponsorship Consulants. We went over what had happened over the last year, good to see what we have done and what we can make better for the future, so I can give more back for the amazing support I receive.
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Then I got to sit down and enjoy dinner with Vanessas family, So good chatting and getting to know them, Telling them about the US run that Vanessa and Shacky helped us with crewing the whole way.If you havent already check out Vanessa’s new book called “Daugthers of Distance” CLICK HERE 
I want to say a huge HUGE thankyou to Angela and her family for letting me stay 2 nights with them at only a days notice , Vanessa thankyou for connecting us and making it happen. Xx
Then I got some movies from Rob and got my gear ready as I was leaving at 6am in the morning. Another great day meeting new people, being a tourist and seeing old friends. Happy KIWI.

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