Day 45 Aug 15th Brighton Ontario

Sleepy but on a mission so I was up and out on the road by 6am, I have a bit of distance to cover to make Toronto by tomorrow night and if the wind got up I still wanted to be able to make it. Lucky there was no wind and not many cars on the road early being a Saturday that would help.
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It looked like it was going to rain a lot but my positive thoughts kept it just far enough away that I only got 15 mins of light as rain all day. Happy
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There was something about today telling me to think of home in NZ, signs were appearing like KIWI and ZEALAND come along which got me thinking of the family and friends who are there. Miss you all heaps and will be home one day.
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I was cruising the KINGS highway today #7 for the first 100kms and then straight down #37 to get me to Brighton, this was where I was going to meet up with Ralph who I had meet on the ferry over to New Found l and. We basically rode within a maybe 20-30kms of each other the whole way around. Hitting the same bad weather and meeting along the way twice. He had invited me to stay or take a shower when I came through so thought I would say hi.
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We had a beer with his mate out the back of the bottle shop which was kinda nice. Just chilling and having a brew with the boys. Thanks bro and great to see you again. Great to see you made it home ok.
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I then went back out to try and get a few more kms under my belt and get tomorrow kms down under 160. I made it to Brighton and that gave me 110 miles for the day, around 170kms. Not bad.
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I made camp right along side the railway lines again, Not sure why but I seem to do this a lot. Bloody loud but I don’t hear them once I’m sleeping, this biking is making me sleep well just like the running did.
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I will make Toronto tomorrow which makes me happy and I have a few things to pick up which I excited about and hoping to see Lauren Jawno and I hope Vanessas family too. Awesome.

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