Day 32 Aug 2nd, Nice sunny day, Made it into New Brunswick

I woke earlier than usual and was on the road by 6.15. A beautiful morning and I didnt really want to leave Lake Folly, It was so warm and I could h andle swimming around for the day but I have places to go and people/kids to meet.
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The first few miles were great, A nice gentle down hill, warm air so I was happy as, Past a ski field and found a new friend. Yep you guessed it a minion, one from mac donalds. I introduced the boys to each other and will have to sort out where he will sit.
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If you havent tried Honey Stinger Products you are missing out, These Waffles are awesome, I love this gingersnap one.
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I made it to New Brunswick state today, Yahoo. Im almost back to where I came into Canada which I will feel real good once I pass that spot , then I will feel like Im moving forward or West.
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Just after I past the flags I saw this shoe on the road, picked it up to find this on the bottom, Love it.
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I was on route 4 and then it turned into 2 which I followed for the day, its the Trans Canada highway and I didnt really want to be on it but the other roads go to far off course.
I had a couple of small breaks today and made my goal of Moncton but had heaps of time left in the day so decided to keep going on to Salisbury. I have a meeting in the morning so needed to be somewhere with internet and this is the last stop for 70kms so pulled up here and pitched my tent. A big truck stop here and I just got myself a small corner near to the cafe and subway so Im set.  made it just in time for the sunset.
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I did 104 miles today which was a bit more than planned but makes for about the same for tomorrow. Another good day had. Nite

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