Aug 1st – Day 31, Made it to Folly lake

The last day of my first month out here on the road as a cyclist and I think Ive done pretty good. I hadn’t ridden a bike for over a year, did 2 training rides of 50 miles for one and about a hour on a trail for the other. This month I did 2059miles /3313 kms in 28 days riding, had 3 days off, did a couple of really short days but that’s not to bad is it?  Im happy anyways .
The sun was up and blasting into my tent when I woke today which gave me power and made me smile which I needed. I ate my special 2 minute noodles breakfast and headed off at 7am. Leaving this little camp spot.
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Cant forget to brush ya teeth in the am so I did it on the ride today, a little tricky on a down hill . I decided to take the smaller route 4 to Truro today and I got to cross over the highway which I had taken on the way out east. Route 4 is great, no traffic, good road and lots to look at.
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Minion got a tattoo today, I told him that we are riding for the 100 mile club and he had to step it up a bit, the kids are loving him and he gets a lot of looks out the cars and when I stop at a café or shop. Which is great but he had to do more.
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We shared a medium (Huge) ice cream today as it was bloody hot there at one point, Yes I ate most of it. Haha
Day 212 Day 213
A few bikers on the road today and meet this lady and her husb and who were from the US, she was riding a Moots bike, Yahooooo   I so wanted to be riding one . She loves it, Sorry I didn’t get your name. Thanks for stopping to say hi.
Day 214
When I got to Truro I went straight to “HUB Cycle” I had rang ahead yesterday to Rod and asked to hold a tire and a seat for me. My seat is to small /narrow I think and is killing my bum, I found out about these Brooks leather seats, seem to be the one for riding for ever So I got one, The second I sat on it I could feel the difference and they said it takes 1000kms to break them in, it felt great after one, haha Im stoked. Funny how such a small thing can make a huge difference.
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The boys changed my tire for me and fixed my noisey crank which was a little lose and I was off heading for Folly Lake. Thanks so much guys for your help and it was great to chat.
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A beautiful evening and no wind as I rode my way up into the hills, It was a slow climb to get to Folly lake which bought me to 78 miles for the day. I stopped riding at 7.30. All I could think of just getting my tent up so it could dry out a bit and me jumping in the lake. I only had to cross the road and I was in, it was so warm too which was great, I had to skinny dip as I don’t have swimming clothes with me, well my one pair of shorts I use to sleep in so couldn’t use them.
Day 24 1 Day 26 1
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This is where I pitch my tent tonight.. So good. Ate heaps and it is time for bed.
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Going to try to make it to Moncton New Brunswick state tomorrow, so hope the hills aren’t to bad.
Nite all.

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