July 7th Rockport Maine to see Will.

July 7th
My first day alone and I was heading to see Will, I had meet Will on a plane going to Colora do and he said it was sweet to crash at his dads House. So stoked as I was in real need of a shower. Has been 4 days without one. Haha sorry
Day 21 1 Day 22 1 Day 25
I didn’t have big miles to do so just cruised along and rested lots , my bum is still sore and giving it rests helps I think. Not much in the way of views but a beautiful blue sky made the clouds pop which I love.
Day 26
I made it to Will’s around 4.30 and after I cleaned up we went out for dinner. We went to a new place Called Flatbread, couple of beers, pizza and awesome people is my favourite combo. Huge thankyou to Charlie for letting me crash and then shouting me dinner.
Day 28 Day 27 Day 213 Day 212
I showed Will the dream door and he didn’t waste anytime to open it, Made me smile and happy to see someone else and our first man to open it. A nice big goal too of sailing across the Atlantic ocean so lots to work on and get ready, Will even invited me to join him, haha might just have to if I can.
Day 214 Day 215
Bridgette from yesterday wants to be a pilot so you can see there are some great different dreams coming out.   Sorry for this late upload, just been busy and not the best wifi has stopped me getting photos sorted.
Time for bed. Nite.

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