Day 105 – How getting lost is sometime the right thing. Another state done.

Huge thank you to the crew at the Darlington Fire Department for putting me up last night, Great to see some smiles and have a bed to sleep in.
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Got up and out the for by 5am and just down the road was a dam, Pat had told me there was no shoulder and to be careful. I used the workers side and even then there went much room but the views were great and none working so I got away with it.
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Then I just cruised along finding a few things and taking in the views. I was pretty up and down with emotions today, In Pain like never before and yet getting it done somehow through pushing myself like never before. Good to have these feelings I think and I get stronger Im stronger than I think I am which is good to know. Long ways to go but I have found a never give up feeling and will do anything to be there in Boston with Pat.
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I made it to Pennsylvania today and that was a huge boost for me. I was told about the amish communities and within 5 miles I had seen to carts go past and one dude on a scooter with no engine. I dont know much about the Armish and hope to meet some to ask some questions. I meet a great man today called Mike, He is from greece and owns a pizza place in a little town called Oxford. I walked in a bit early and asked if he had anything on, No was the answer but then he made me a tuna s andwich and gave me drinks and chips to take with me and also a donation, Loved talking with him and by the sounds of it I need to do a trip through greece as now I have somewhere to stay. Cheers for your amazing smile and support.
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I also was looking in a few thrift shops today as I had a idea I could find a golf cart to put my bag on, I made a mistake getting rid of my buggy I reckon, carrying a bag is harder to do and I can’t run . The things we do when we dont take a moment to think first and just do, I have leaner some great lessons about myself this run and thats great even when I’m having to do it the hard way because of it haha.
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I also missed a turn today and it was 5 miles late when I realised , rerouting my maps I headed up a very small quiet road with almost no cars at all on it, I then had a car pull up and ask what I was doing, Lisa Thomas was her name and well I think she was a angel coming to help me. you know when you make a what you think was a mistake or did it the wrong way and then something awesome happens. Well this was one of those times and I actually reckon I was surppose to go this way as some many things worked out way better.
Lisa invited me for a beer and then feed me and her family let me stay the night. I had a bubble bath thingy which was amazing and man did my feet need it. Her family were so nice and made me feel right at home. Before I had arrived I saw some girls riding horses and as I got close they said “Hi Jup” , haha I was like how did you know but it was Lisa who had told them, The girls were training hard and a couple were in the Aussie team , Rebecca in the Para riding team and trying to get to the next olympics, so hope I get to watch you thee one day. Thanks so much for the lift too.
I did 37 miles today which was a bit shorter than planned but i could make it up in next 2 days and I had a feeling I was suppose to stay here and chat to this greta family, I really enjoyed it and it got me thinking a lot about a lot of things. Thankyou for stopping Lisa.

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