Day 104 – Darlington and made 3000 Miles

What a magical day to be on the road and lots of beautiful things to look at. Heading through Baltimore in what I had been told was not a good time to go there. There were riots going on and this little kiwi was going in. I wasn’t to worried as I would be in the city early as and everyone will still be a asleep or thats what i told myself.
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I did see some police getting ready to go back into the action but other than that I had  great trip through , people were super nice and friendly. I got to the 3000 mile mark today and it feels pretty good I must say. Couldn’t find anything to write on so I just used these little flowers, sorry to pick you all but thanks.
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Baltimore was a very artsy place or from what I saw there were heaps of paintings on the walls of the buildings which I loved.
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I was walking pretty slow most of the day and it took me 16 hrs to do the 41 miles I did. I was also not knowing if I had a place to stay as I had tried to ring the Darlington Fire Department but had no answer. I had left a message but no reply so wasn’t sure if they knew . But when I arrive the chief was still there and said yes I just got a message from you and yes you can stay but just not here, I thought awesome and oh no I gotta walk more haha but they took me 5 mile down the road to another department that had people on 24 hr and they took me in. They even said they would take me back at 5am, Bloody legends these fire men. They really do love to help. thank you so much for saving this kiwi.  So a good day with a special moment and then friendly people to help out at the end, what else do you need in a  day.

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