Day 106/107 – Doylestown and into Plainfield. Long days out there.

Day 106
Early starts are normal now and since Im walking everyday and bloody slow to I decided I would start at 5am, Not what you want really when you stop at 9pm at night making for long days but The nights are more busy on the roads than the mornings so a bit easier to finish early if possible. More amazing sunrises as the weather continues to be great.
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I had my first in a long time, avoca do ,chips and tortilla today and man was it good, been to long with out them.
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There were a lot of different houses on the trail today and these were all in the same street, crazy to see different designs , I really enjoyed checking them out.
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As the night came along and I was pretty sore tonight so trying to stay safe in the dark is always a challenge staying on and off the road, But tonight I had a bike path and it was a good 10 miles long, so awesome and it helped me get to the hotel sooner than I thought. I did 48 miles today. Big day but got it done.
Day 107-
Huge thanks to the team at the Doylestown Inn for giving me some good discount on a room, I was arriving at 10.30pm and leaving at 5am so wouldn’t dirty the room much. all I wanted to do was sleep.Heading off in the morning I got soooo sleepy and was almost falling over on the road, needing food and a coffee I thought I found a small town that had a pretzel shop freshy made too and the Buttonwood Grill and the lady there gave me free coffee, Saved me a lot. Im learning lots about my body pushing it this much and it sure tells me when it needs something or it just starts shutting down, simple.
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I wasn’t far from the New Jersey Boarder and crossing this river would be it, Beautlful little towns on both sides o the river, Lots of kids out today raising money for their sports teams which was great to see.
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I made a new friend today in this deer, super friendly and well his goat mate was too. cheers for coming to say hi.
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The views and country side was very nice and another magic sunset that I got to live through a great way to finish all almost finish another day out here. I did 46 miles today and was excited as tomorrow was NY. Nite all.

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