Day 100- Lake Saponi, Trail run , shorter day with rain at end.

I left a little early just before 7 and got into it . The feet were a bit sore first up so I dropped a couple of pills to take the pain away so I could get some miles done. I had 40 miles to do today and wanted to try to finish earlier than other days so I could chill a bit. Heading out of Waynesboro with a hill or mountain in front of me to climb over with no idea how big it would be. Today was day 100 on the road which for me is the most I have done, I did 97 days on my Japan run and to go more than that is hard to believe and also going more on the miles covered too is awesome. Who knows what will be next aye.
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The sign of the day.
Day 23
I went up and over the Rockfish Gap which luckily wasn’t to high or hard to climb and pasted by the Appalachian Trail. From the top the views were awesome even with a overcast day.
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Just a few shots from today, BBQ ribs being cooked, some things I found on the road too.
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A few weeks back near Linden Tennessee I past the grave of this explorer Meriwether Lewis and today I found his birth Place. funny how things come together and pop up.  I then found a gold course and man it looked good. One of the first things Ill be doing after this run is a few rounds with a couple of beers. Nothing better.
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Google had me on the Rivanna trail today to cut through Charlottesville which was awesome, right beside the highway I was lost in the forrest and its was so great to be in the trees and not on the road.
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The first sign with Washington on it and that made me excited as. 107 miles it told me and that would make it about 100 to go at the end of today. which Im going to try and do in 2 days or really close to it.
Day 226
It started to rain a lot more in the evening and I was bloody wet by the time I finished at 8pm but happy to be where I had planned and my feet are feeling a bit more better today too. all the tips I got from Tim and Jerry have been helping heaps. thanks so much guys.
Checked the maps a lot tonight and making plans for the next few days. Exciting times.

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