Day 99 – Natural Bridge to Warrensboro , long good day

After my day off I felt a lot better and the main thing I could walk again, haha I was in struggle street yesterday and thought I can’t afford any more days off after this one so I can make it to Boston in time.
I left the awesome Natural Bridge hotel which I will have to go back too and have a look around , there is heaps to see. I headed out of town with the goal of 51 miles .I passed the zoo and safari park and went over the rolling hills with nothing but sun shine, a great day.
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I saw these what i thought were Spider webs to only find out they had caterpillars in them, pretty awesome little home. Then I saw the sign that only confirmed I needed to harden up a bit more and get these miles down. thanks John Wayne.
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Virginia is a beautiful state and very green, lots of farms and big houses built way back in the old days, there is so much history around here and its great learning about it reading all the info boards that are around.
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I found this little door in a tree and wondered if I could go in and catch up to pat, haha. It had me thinking of fun things and adventures that are had Im sure by the kids who made it.
Day 222
As the sunset came along I got a few shots, it was pretty nice evening and I was out on a back road with no cars really which was nice. I then hit a bigger road and put on my reflected gears and lights as it would be a late one. I got to Warrensboro   and got the 51miles done I was a happy Jup brown.  Feet hold up pretty good and didn’t get any worst so icing and a quick check was about all I had time for and I hit the bed. Another good day.
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Huge thank you to everyone who had written to me and sent me power and good lucks, It is so awesome! thank you all.

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