Day 90, Lots of rain, Hair cut at the barbers, church said no

Jumped out of bed keen to get going early but found it was pitch black outside and the road I was heading up was narrow as aye so chilled out for a longer breakie and a extra cuppa and headed off at 7am. I had a light on & high vise gear on me and the buggy just to make sure. It wasn’t to bad.
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About 5 hours in the rain stopped for the most and I was now on 11E highway which had a great shouder but a mean angle so the buggy wanted to hang a right turn pretty wicked so had to hold him back a lot. It was pretty green and I went though a lot of towns , stopped in for macca’s as its 2 big macs for $4, can’t beat that.
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I found these two things today. new pair of J andles ( flip flops) for Pat.
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As you can see the beard is going wild and I have a undercut under my dreads at the back and it had gone wild and long too, I had been looking for a Barber to go to but when I past them all they looked busy until today. I walked in and Ricky Greene was the man to sort me out. He gave me the cut for free and then donated a $100 to the 100MC. Such a legend. Cant thank you enough sir, it was great to meet and chat with you, thanks for the blessing too.  Then I went though Morristown which had some nice buildings.
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I was out there for a long time today as I wanted to get some miles in with the longer nights we have now. I found a nice church with this awesome outside covered area and thought I was in here, I waited until they finished singing songs and having a chitchat  to then ask the nice man if I could stay there. He said NO, haha I couldn’t believe it, then his mate said I hope God can help you find a place, I laughed and thought “He didn’t help me now” . Nevermind they had had some V andals in the area and he was a bit scared. So I headed up the road which was now getting dark to find a small group of trees and I quickly jumped in them and set up camp. Ill be gone before they know it . I got 41.84 miles done today which was few more than hoped , good stuff.
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Its 9pm already so I better get some sleep. Nite all.

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