Day 82, Still on the Trace parkway and no ones around.

I didn’t want to be in any ones’ way this morning so I got up and packed up quickly and was on the road by 7am. It was a nice place to stay but I woke up a lot thinking it was morning and well I think the waterfall was a bit loud haha, magic but loud.
My legs and body have been feeling really good in the mornings now so apart from the hills of course I tried running a bit more today. Even just cruising along running and walking I was able to keep a soild pace. Still slow as but I feel good doing it.
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I had measured the distance to Nashville last night and today to go half I needed 34 so I had a little goal of 40 in my head to make tomorrow a shorter one and give me more time to chill. The Natchez Trace road has been great and not really hilly at all which has made it so much easier with the buggy.
I got to 40 then had to look for a home for the night but I kept finding houses and other roads so ended up doing 42.8 miles. Not bad aye. I was stoked.
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The views where the same most of the day with less cars , more cyclists and a bit more road kill which included a owl , baby snake and millions of worms.
Day 222
I had a few people say hi and then a nice lady Penny came over and had taken some photos of me running and wanted to send them to me. I thought she could be media but sadly not. Just a nice lady and her photos were good too so Ill post them when she sends them to me.
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Found my little camp spot, set it up and ate heaps. Really humid lately so tent life isn’t so nice. I have a Japanese fan with me so it gets a work out.
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That’s about it I reckon, Will get into Nashville tomorrow. Pat is flying and almost in Knoxville I think, I saw a photo Shacky and Vanessa posted and looks like some hills down there. Ill worry about them when I get to them.
Nite all.

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